About Us

Hello, fun-lovers! Welcome to Zelda CupZ, your one-stop shop to keep the party going!
We're the owners (and sisters!) Sherrie and Ronelle, and we're thrilled you stopped by to learn a little more about us.
After building a successful boutique in Denison, Texas, we decided (in the middle of the pandemic!) to expand our business by creating a printing business focused on gifts and cups. We knew people needed a laugh or two to help them crawl out of the hunkering down they had done for months, and so Zelda CupZ was born!
We like to call a spade a spade and speak out to say those words most people only think but don't speak. And then we like to put those words on cups! We've seen some crazy stuff and met some outrageous (even famous) people during our lives, so we know how important it is to keep things light and fun!
We're part refined Texas southern women and part kick-backs to the 70s. Think "Grace and Frankie"! Ronelle (our sharp-tongued Grace) still wears her pearls and dresses every day, while Sherrie (our quirky Frankie) shies away from the camera and loves her laid-back 70s style. Together, they experience wacky moments as they navigate family drama, medical scares, business ventures and romantic turmoil on their road to building their successful businesses.
Our secret talent is that we find inspiration everywhere! Whether we're spending time with our friends and loved ones, playing with our pets (Sherrie has the cutest labradoodle named Finn!), or just shooting the breeze, we're always coming up with fun new ideas.
Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We can't wait to help you celebrate!