About Zelda Rose

Our Boutique Name and History:

Our grandmothers’ name was Zelda Rose Castleberry and she was married to Roy. Zelda was born in 1912 and was one of the most interesting people we knew. There were two things she loved to do…shop and tell stories. Sherrie’s favorite memory when we went to visit her as a little girl was to sit on her bed and talk to her while she was getting ready to go out. She would always dress impeccably and take great care picking her favorite accessories.

She remembers the stories about the traveling peddlers who would come to her small town when she was a girl selling their wares. The peddlers brought items that her family couldn’t get locally like fabrics, pins, needles, lace, combs and jewelry. She would light up when talking about the horse drawn wagon arriving in town and the excitement of shopping from the peddlers cart. The peddlers also brought news and stories from the big cities. Zelda loved to hear these exciting stories and dreamed of someday being able to travel from her small rural town in Oklahoma to see and experience the world beyond. We’re happy to say that our grandmother was lucky enough to travel the world, but always returned to her beloved home.

Zelda Rose Boutique is an homage to Zelda Rose and her memories of shopping off of the peddlers wagon. Our Mobile Boutique travels between events and cities and is available to book. Our online boutique brings the experience of shopping the “wagon” right to your fingertips. Our Main Street boutique brings big town shopping directly to the small town so our customers can have easy access to only the best. Please stop by when you see us out with our “wares” or visit our site right here to pick up some of your favorites. Shop, gossip and tell us your stories. We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing what you think of our goodies.

The Sisters, Sherrie + Ronelle:

We are two sisters steeped in southern roots and big city backgrounds. Sherrie lives in Denison, Texas with her dog Finn.. Ronelle also lives in Denison and spends weekends on the ranch in Bowie, Texas.  She runs the online business. It’s always been our goal to build a company together and Zelda Rose is the inspiration for an amazing collaboration. We grew up as Air Force brats with experiences all over the world- so entrepreneurialism was embedded in us from the beginning. A new place, new classmates, new experiences – this was our upbringing. Our parents opened Castleberry Florist and gift shop in Denison in 1972 and we learned how to work hard, deliver quality and serve our customers 24 x 7. As we moved out of this business into our own worlds, our backgrounds varied.

Sherrie lived in Los Angeles for many years and worked in the entertainment business with household names you would recognize. She has owned several businesses along the way, including a dog treat bakery and gift shop. In 2012, Sherrie launched the Zelda Rose Mobile Boutique,  one of the first fashion trucks in Southern California. Zelda Rose has been seen everywhere from special events at the Galleria in Glenda, California to the Rose Bowl in Hollywood. Ronelle’s corporate background started with telecommunications, but moved into the fashion world when she was a sales consultant for the Carlisle Company for several years. Her passion for entrepreneurialism and selling online continued when she opened one of the first eBay Drop Off stores in Texas and sold it after two years. Ronelle is very involved in her community has served on many non-profit board of directors over the past few years, including serving as the President of the Junior League of Collin County.

We’ve brought the Zelda Rose Mobile Boutique online, opened our studio and warehouse in Denison, Texas and offer GREAT STUFF at GREAT PRICES because we are REAL PEOPLE selling REAL CUTE CLOTHES!!